Kelowna woman pointing finger at contractor, hardware store for expensive patio – Okanagan

Cassandra Jamieson recently had her aging patio rebuilt by a contractor hired through Home Hardware in Kelowna.

The job is done now, but she says it took too long and went way over budget. The alleged problems with the project reads like a grocery list.

“Number one is the floor,” said Jamieson.

Jamieson says that, at her request, the contractor put down tile.

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“And it cracked,” said Jamieson.

It cracked because Jamieson says the contractor didn’t put down the right material on the subfloor.

Another issue is the roof over the patio; it leaks.

And Jamieson says there are problems with the beams supporting the patio.

“It’s not centered,” she said. “That was one of the reasons bylaw did not pass it and he came and corrected it with a two-by-four.”

Jamieson says the railing wasn’t installed properly, that the contractor would only show up when it was convenient for him or not show up at all. She says the costs of the project spiraled out of control.

“The initial patio was $19,000 for the build,” said Jamieson. “We are now up, cost including, $45-50,000.”

Most of the problems she’s complaining about was from extra work she arranged privately for the contractor. But she lays part of the blame on Home Hardware.

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“And that’s where I’m having the issue now,” said Jamieson, “because they recommended him to me.”

Global News contacted Home Hardware, which says it has fulfilled its contract with Jamieson, and the fact that she has hired the same contractor to do extra work on her home is her responsibility.

Global News also contacted the contractor, Bryan Martin of Bsmart Construction, who says that there were some bumps along the road, but, ultimately, all the work was done, that it’s warrantied, inspected and up to code.

Martin suspects that Jamieson’s real motive is money.

During the interview with Global News, Jamieson failed to mention that she launched a GoFundMe account seeking $2,000, saying she’s broke and she needs help to pay for her renovations.

But so far, there haven’t been any takers. Not a single donation since she launched the page four months ago.

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