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For three months, Morgan Oldenburg and his wife Kristi Hennessy of West Kelowna have been waiting for their kitchen renovations to be completed.

They hired a local company called Square One Design run by Tammy Weller.

“We gave her $5,775 as a deposit and the total was going to be $11,550,” Oldenburg said.

Tammy Weller and Greg Brown.

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The base cabinets were installed, but nothing else has been done and Weller has disappeared.

Oldenburg says they haven’t heard from Weller since.

Oldenburg says alarms started going off when he saw a Global News report out of Calgary involving Square One. In the report, a Calgary woman claims she gave Calgary Square one owner Greg Brown thousands of dollars for kitchen renos that were never done.

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Oldenburg called Weller right away.

“I brought that up with her and she said that he was not involved with the Kelowna office anymore and it was run by her completely,” Oldenburg said.

Neither Brown or Weller could be contacted for comment.

Oldenburg adds he became increasingly alarmed when he saw that Weller was unloading assets on the web.

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“They were selling off a Camaro for $28,000. One of the showroom kitchens is up for sale for $2,500,” Oldenburg said.

With no kitchen and their money gone, the West Kelowna couple is now seriously considering moving into their travel trailer.

“It might turn into not only having a kitchen here, but also having to spend money to camp somewhere so we can eat normal meals and not pizza and takeout anymore,” Oldenburg said.

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