‘I couldn’t ask for more’: Build Love home renovation unveiled to family – Regina

A woman who struggles with debilitating multiple sclerosis (MS) symptoms is ready to move into her newly renovated home – one that will make her life less challenging to live. Bonnie Gorski‘s MS is worsening, and she recently lost all mobility in her legs. But a Build Love three-month renovation is now […]

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Regina family’s ‘Build Love’ home renovation officially underway – Regina

One Regina family’s home is about to be usable by all those who reside, as Build Love has officially kicked off the Gorski family’s home renovations. Bonnie Gorski is a mother of two and wife to Stuart. She has Multiple Sclerosis and her condition is worsening, having lost all mobility in her legs. The family […]

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Regina family selected for free home renovation after MS diagnosis

Over the last five years, Bonnie Gorski’s home has felt more like a prison than a place to call home. “It’s pretty hard for me to even look out the window because I’m sitting in one spot all day,” Gorski said. The 50-year-old from Regina has lost full mobility in both her legs after being […]

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