Home building on the rise in Saskatoon, creating ‘gold mine’ for lumber thieves: police

Home builds and renovations are on the rise in Saskatoon and the price of lumber is at an all-time high, leading some to take drastic — and illegal — measures. March saw more people in Saskatoon starting construction on their dream kitchen or new house; unfortunately, many sites have become targets for thieves, according […]

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Sky-rocketing lumber prices shock renovators: ‘It’s ridiculous’

As construction season kicks off, those looking to renovate this spring and summer might be stunned by the price of lumber. “It was a big shock to find out it was going to be that much more this year,” Andra McLachlan said. She’s on her second year of home and backyard renovations and is […]

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Calgary website matches leftover building supplies to buyers – Calgary

CALGARY – Whether you’re a contractor or a homeowner doing your own renovation, you want to save money. Many are now taking advantage of a new trend to buy and sell used or leftover construction materials. It’s a well-known fact after many construction jobs, there are supplies left over. From unused lumber and drywall to […]

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