West Kelowna couple in renovation limbo – Okanagan

For three months, Morgan Oldenburg and his wife Kristi Hennessy of West Kelowna have been waiting for their kitchen renovations to be completed. They hired a local company called Square One Design run by Tammy Weller. “We gave her $5,775 as a deposit and the total was going to be $11,550,” Oldenburg said. Tammy Weller […]

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Calgary homeowner accuses City of double standard over renovation – Calgary

CALGARY – A woman who widened her driveway by two metres has been told to tear it out, even though she claims other homeowners with similar work don’t face penalties. When Constance Craig learned her grandmother would be spending more time at her home, she decided to widen her driveway to help her get in and […]

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Calgary website matches leftover building supplies to buyers – Calgary

CALGARY – Whether you’re a contractor or a homeowner doing your own renovation, you want to save money. Many are now taking advantage of a new trend to buy and sell used or leftover construction materials. It’s a well-known fact after many construction jobs, there are supplies left over. From unused lumber and drywall to […]

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