Saskatoon woman, 96, reunited with long-lost love letters discovered in home renovation

When 96-year-old Wynne Richards placed her hands on her lost leather writing case, it felt like she had her late husband back again. She was convinced the green case had ended up in the trash, and that with it, hundreds of cherished love letters had disappeared. “After 10 years they showed up. That’s why I […]

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‘I couldn’t ask for more’: Build Love home renovation unveiled to family – Regina

A woman who struggles with debilitating multiple sclerosis (MS) symptoms is ready to move into her newly renovated home – one that will make her life less challenging to live. Bonnie Gorski‘s MS is worsening, and she recently lost all mobility in her legs. But a Build Love three-month renovation is now […]

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Regina family’s ‘Build Love’ home renovation officially underway – Regina

One Regina family’s home is about to be usable by all those who reside, as Build Love has officially kicked off the Gorski family’s home renovations. Bonnie Gorski is a mother of two and wife to Stuart. She has Multiple Sclerosis and her condition is worsening, having lost all mobility in her legs. The family […]

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