AODA Automatic Door Washroom System

Automatic Door Washroom System
LEISURE CENTRE: THE SITUATION: A few months ago, a Leisure Centre contacted BBG Automatic Doors for advice on installing a hands free Automatic Door Washroom System in their newly refurbished Leisure Centre. BBG Automatic Doors recommended the AODA Automatic Door Washroom System, a visionary new product that opens and closes the bathroom door to your Washroom by [...]

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Automatic Washroom Systems – Supply Only- We Do That!

Automatic Doors system
Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act With the increased popularity in automatic doors over the last few years, the introduction of hands free washroom systems could not have come at a better time. The hands free approach is now readily available for everyone throughout the Ontario. There is many a good reason why the AODA (Accessibility for [...]

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Touch-free Washroom: Auto Flush Urinals and Automatic Doors

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Touch-free Washroom Automatic Doors Janitorial supply distributors are encouraging their customers to install as many touch-free fixtures in their restrooms in an effort to curb cross-contamination. This article discusses the beginning (auto flush urinals and toilets) and the end (hands-free doors). Auto Flushers And Waterless Urinals Poor flushing habits and an interest in saving water are [...]

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